Do you want your home to be exciting or tranquil? Dramatic or cozy? Itís your choice, your home, your style. My job is to create and execute a design plan that helps you achieve the feeling you want your space to project.

Whether itís Classic, Traditional, European Country, Arts and Crafts, Lodge, Mid-Century Modern, Retro, Vintage, Contemporary... the principles of design remain the same. To give a room harmony and unity, you need to employ color, texture, scale and pattern with careful consideration. You need to address walls, windows, ceilings, floors, architectural details, and lighting. And most importantly, you need to manipulate the space to conform to your needs.

My personal philosophy is that rooms should be comfortable as well as visually appealing. That spaces should be unique and personal, incorporating family treasures, interests and beloved collections. That good design should be timeless. more>
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            Lee Ann Soowal
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